Funding challenges for small businesses are the focus in this edition of Business Day Spotlight.

Our host Mudiwa Gavaza is joined by Lelanie Bason, MD of the academy and venture departments at MyGrowthFund Venture Partners.

Despite being one of the country’s largest sources of employment, small business continue to struggle sourcing and accessing funding for their operations.

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Bason says one of the biggest issues facing small business owners is that funding requirements and application processes are often stringent and onerous, which has the effect of discouraging many from even applying.

She calls on corporates, the government and financial institutions to relax some of these measures as a way to make funding accessible to more people

Topics of discussion include: the challenges now faced by small businesses in finding funding; reasons for this still being the status quo despite such problems existing for decades; ways in which small-business owners can find and access funding; and what types of financing is best for different businesses.